• Audi considering a cabrio/convertible Q5?

      We aren't really sure what to say to this. When is the last you heard someone say they wished the Q5 SUV was available as a cabrio? Uh, never. Still, Audi is considering a convertible Q5 to occupy a niche in the market. With how people especially in the USA embrace trendy cars, there may be a business case for this. Brit Steve, director of AUDI USA, stated the following on the production chances, "“if there is sufficient demand, about 5,000 units per year, then the production of the Q5 Cabrio as a limited edition can be a reality."

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        German PT Cruiser?
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        German PT Cruiser?
        It's not as hideous. I doubt this is anything more than just a rumor to create attention. A cab Q5? Over all the other things they could do?
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        stupid like Murano Cab